Welcome to FA2IB

This Script will automatically copy the submissions you want from your current Fur Affinity galleries (main and scraps) to your current Inkbunny Account, keeping as much possible data from the original (title, description, tags, # of favs and views, original posting date).

Since this script will make you enter your current user name and password for IB (and sometimes FA's) accounts, please, GO CHANGE THEM NOW provisionally before typing them here and CHANGE THEM BACK to what they were once this script FINISHES.
Plus, I don't want anybody thinking that I made this to collect FA passwords :P


Go to 'Account -> Settings' and under 'Misc -> API (External Scripting)' Check 'ENABLE API ACCESS'.

Without doing this, this script will get login error from Inkbunny, even if you type your correct user/password.

Once you're done with this script, you can set that option back as it was.

I'll try to make it easy for you. I made this script primarily for those who wish to copy their no-more-FA-friendly art to Inkbunny in an easy and painless way, but anyone is welcome to use it to copy their stuff from FA to IB.

Fender and Inkbunny are copyright of their respective owners and the administrations of both sites know about this script and allow it, so you can rest assured that your account won't be banned from either site for using it. Art displayed here is (c) Oso Alex.

You've read this all? Have you taken/checked the mandatory step? Then CLICK HERE TO START!!!

If you like this script and found it useful, please advertise it in your Fur Affinity journal, especially if you got lots of watchers, just so more people can benefit for it.

(C) 2010-2019 Salmy Cheetah My FA | My IB

If you have problems using this script, PM me on either site. Upload a Screencap showing the error in the script to some site like Imageshack. and give me the link with your message. Thank you!