After almost 10 years, FA2IB is sadly not working anymore.

FurAffinity removed the last way external scripts had to legally log into their site, which is a necessary step for FA2IB to verify and consistently search for its users' submissions.

This script was originally meant for those affected by FA's adult cub art ban back in late 2010, so they'd have an easy and straight-forward way to migrate all the soon-to-be-deleted content from FA without needing to go uploading one by one on Inkbunny. It never meant to stay around for more than a year, or for other artists in other circumstances, but here we are! Almost a decade working, almost 1000 artists benefited from it to successfully migrate around 100,000 submissions!

I honestly have no idea when / whether I'll take the time to try to find out a solution for this. On one hand, I think FA2IB has made its work, on the other, I liked to be able to give this service. Whatever it comes, it will prolly be announced on my IB journal, my FA journal and/or my Twitter. You're welcome to follow me there if you're interested.

Salmy Cheetah - June 2020